Month: August 2019


What is UTP VS STP vs FTP Content: UTP vs STP UTP VS STP &  FTP  Basic difference between UTP and STP mean? As you read UTP vs STP. See detail here UTP: UTP stands for unshielded twisted pair cable. It has…Read More »

Twisted pair cable

What is Twisted pair cable with examples? Content: Twisted pair cable: Simple definition AM7S defines twisted cable UTP Unshielded twisted cable STP shielded twisted cable Advantages of twisted pair cable Disadvantages of twisted cable Categories of twisted cable     Twisted pair…Read More »

Types of Computers

What is a computer? Types of Computers Content: What is a computer? Types of Computers What is the computer stands for? A simple definition of the computer? Supercomputer Mainframe computers Server computers Workstation computers Personal computers Micro-controller Smartphone What is a computer?…Read More »

Applications of Satellite Communication

What are the Applications of Satellite Communication with examples? Content: Applications of Satellite Communication Navigation Weathercasting Satellite Phone Astronomy Satellite television Military satellites Satellite radio Satellite internet       Applications of Satellite Communication: Artificial satellites/ Man-Made satellites are launched into the…Read More »

Satellite communication

What is satellite communication with its types? Content: Satellite’s Definition Feature of Satellite communication Working of Satellites Types of communication services: Satellites provide Diagram of Satellites Advantages of satellites Disadvantages of satellites Satellite communication Definition The use of satellite technology in the…Read More »

What is the Internet?

What is the Internet? Uses of the internet Content: What is the Internet? What is the Internet protocol? Advantages of the internet Disadvantages of the internet       What is the Internet – Simple definition The Internet is a global computer…Read More »

Timing Diagram

What is the timing diagram? Examples of the diagram. Content: What is the Timing Diagram? Elements used in the timing diagram? Examples of timing diagram wit description? Why is the need to use a timing diagram?         Timing diagram:…Read More »

Communication diagram

What is a Communication diagram? Content: What is a Communication diagram? Symbols and notations of  diagrams Basic components of the  diagram Example of a diagram with description. Sequence diagram advantages over communication diagram?   Communication diagram This diagram is formerly known as…Read More »

Activity Diagram

What is a UML activity diagram? Content: What are the Basic Activity Diagram notations? Symbols for diagram? What is the purpose? How to draw with an example? Where to use? Advantages and Disadvantages of activity diagram?   UML Activity Diagram An activity…Read More »