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operating system

What is an operating system?Types of Operating system.


What is an operating system

Types of Operating Systems

Examples of operating system


What is an operating System:

Many person things “what is an operating system”The operating system (OS) is system software that help to interacts computer hardware and software(end user). First of all operating system are installs on computer to start computer working.

Many other software are also install with operating system.System software load the memory into computer as start.Before open the desktop operation system perform some action.Operating system check all the components of computer.On the basis of working operating system has many types as given below.


what is an operating system


Types of Operating Systems

Real-Time Operating system:
It is install for robots, cars, and modems etc.

Single-task operating system:

This operating system is install for single device such as phones.

  • Windows xp
  • Mac operating system X

Single-user Operating system:

Such a type of operating system that is use to install for personal computer.

  • Windows 8.1
  • Mac OS X
  • Ubuntu

Multi-user operating system:
Use to share resources over network such as Server operating systems.

  • Windows 10
  • Ubuntu
  • Mac OS X

Network operating system:
It is also use for network to share files, printers that is setup in network.

  • Ubuntu Server
  • Red Hat Enterprise
  • Windows Server

Web or Internet Operating system:
This operating system is use to run each and everything on browser.

  • Club Linux
  • Remix OS
  • Chrome OS

Learn about the ‘Unix OS‘ which is the base of many operating systems such as Linux, Debian & etc.


Mobile Operating system:
This type of operating is used to run all the things relates to mobile phone,tablets etc.

  • Android operating system
  • Windows Phone operating system
  • iPhone operating system


operating system


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