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what is v-model

what is v-model?V- model systems engineering?

what is v-model


What is V-model?

When to use the V-model

Phases of V-Model

Advantages of V-model

Disadvantages of V-model

What is V-model?


Some time question arise in mind such as,

  • What is V-model?
  • When to use the V-model
  • Phases of V-Model
  • Advantages of V-model
  • Disadvantages of V-model

All question will clear in the below.As detail of all above thing are given here.

V- model means validation and verification model.Same like the waterfall model,V-model life cycle also executes process in sequential path. Before move to next phase,Each phase must complete.

When to use the V-model:


The V-shape model should use for small and medium size projects.It is use where requirements are clear and fully define.The V-Shaped model is chooses,when expert and technical resources are available.Customer should assure of system requirements.When high risk of user requirements to meet their requirements.

Diagram of V-model:



what is v-model

What is V-model?All phases of V-Model:

As,like other model steps,V-model have some phases.Every step is completed before more next step.

Requirements Design:
First step is requirement. In this all initial system requirement and analysis is perform.This is use to determine the feature of customers.Same like SDLC,every step should complete.Documentation of user requirement is made in this phase.This is the crucial work of this step.

System Design:

When requirements step is complete.Then designing phase starts.It contain outline of all important documents. These documents can be data layers.Work on business logic is also done in this step.

Architecture Design:

In this phase all detail,how the application will link all components.All those step which are finalize link together.
All internal and external components are connects to each other.All components are also test during this phase.

Module Design:

This phase contain all low-level design for the new system.It include detail of functionality. All code business logic start to implement.These code can be models, components, interfaces, and so on.Unit testing is also take place in this step.

Coding or Implementation:

In this step,all design is change into code and implementation also occur. It is more time consuming step.All necessary material on design is change into coding.This coding should be full functional.Before passing in validation or testing phase it should fully completes.

Unit Testing:

This step is take place when,we move inverse.It starts with the unit tests,that is develop during the module design phase. This phase should eliminate bugs,error and issues.This is lengthiest testing phase of this model.

Integration Testing:

All the work done in architecture design phase are now execute here for testing.This step ensure about architecture design is 100% complete.All functionality of architecture is test here.

System Testing:

This step is use to test its parallel phase that is system design.All requirements,function of this system design is test here.It show the testing of system.

Acceptance Testing:

This is the last step.In this step all user requirement is fully check and test.This step tell us whether ,system is accept or reject by customer.


what is v-model

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Advantages and Disadvantages of  V-Model:

This world is full of best and bad things.Its up-to user how he think.He or she can see advantages and no need of disadvantages .But am7s provide you both side of every model.

Advantages of V-model:

  • It is easy and simple to use.
  • Testing design is done before coding.
  • It save time of developer.
  • 100% chance of success.
  • Best for small projects.

Disadvantages of V-model:

  • It is very rigid
  • It is less flexible.
  • Any change in middle cause problem.
  • Every step is tested.
  • High Cost for developer.
  • Difficult to find developer with experience.





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